Commentary: Italy ETC army lists

I continue to comments ETC army lists. This time, comment on army lists of Italy team. Surely I do not want to be compared with Internet celebrities such as Kirby or Stelek. All opinions which are published in this post are only my personal opinions, they aren’t be absolutly true and any of readers can disagree with me.

Italy team army lists can be found at:

Space Marines
Ten man strong deep striking assault terminators unit with lot of TH/SS is very rocky with big disruption factor, same as the drop pod with Ironclad dreadnought and hidden Thunderfire Cannon. For accurate guiding the terminators, scout bikes with locator beacon figuring in list. I think it will be one of the main targets, because of the deep strike assault terminators without scatter can be terrible. Rest of the army is the SM standard, which place on table what they can.

Grey Knights
MSU with psybolt Razorbacks spam with  full troops slots of Strike squads make this army scoring easy.  For  long range support suprisingly use psy dreadnoughts. Marco’s GK can’t  really deal a lot with high AV’s vehicles, but can works pretty well  against another rhino chassis spams, opponent’s infantry which lost  their transport will be anihillated by Strike quads. I really like this  list.

Space Wolves
Herohammer list, if we can mark list  without any special characters like Herohammer, builds on two rune  priests for range support and two thunderwolf mounted lords with some  fenrisian wolfs as quick disruption before Grey Knights will arrive at  center of battle, while Long Fangs and Priests pops trapsorts. Thats  sounds good for me, but I think horde armies like Orks or Tyranids can  deal with them very well.

Black Templars
Foot based army with nine typhoon speeders,  some cyclones and lascannons. As I mentioned in post about Scottland  lists, I’m not sure with foot shooting terminators, but Maurizio  maximize speeders, which can do good anti mech pressure. I thinking of  goal of crusader squad in drop pod.

Blood Angels
Two rock units of terminators with joined priests and with Libby in  Redeemers, which will go ahead as much as possible and they will be  followed by two ten-man squads of assault marines on jump packs. So list  is based on quick and hard assault, which is supported by priest’s  bubbles and librarian’s unleash rage. I like to se lighting claws on  priests, but I know, you have enough points for them, but they can deal  more damage before terminators. Whole list can works perfect with good  match-ups. This list really hate Grey Knights with halberds, I think.

Four battlewagons for popping vehicles followed by buggies. But not  enough green skins especially units in BW’s why not 20?. I think coptas  with tl. rockit and buzzsaw is better choice against vehicles than  buggies, becouse of their scout move and overal better mobility And they  are possible to charge at first turn. But as disruption units buggies  works fine and have better durability against light weapons than coptas.

Imperial Guard
Whole list is fine for me even only two vendetas. Infantry platoons sits  at home objectives and shoot from range with autocannons supported with  Hydras and Manticore while vets and command squads in chimeras can  reach better positions for their meltas and flamers.

Chaos Space Marines
Double lash as it should be. Surprising to me are only Terminators with  shooty equipment, why not close combat with combi meltas?

Italian guys make it pretty fine as whole team. I think, there is only Space  Marines and Black Templars lists, which seem to me as weak, even BT have  nine typhoon speeders and SM have ten man TH/SS assault terminators unit arriving via deep strike. Ok, its probably my opinion about SM and BT,  which aren’t too strong armies for me.

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