Commentary: Scottland ETC army lists

Although I do not consider myself as expert for analysing of army list, I will gradually try to comment ETC rosters by teams. Surely I do not want to be compared with Internet celebrities such as Kirby or Stelek. All opinions which are published in this post are only my personal opinions, they aren’t be absolutly true and any of readers can disagree with me.

I start with Scottland army lists, which can be found at:

Space Wolves
I am surprised at the presence of three Lone Wolfs. So far I did not met with such their number and equipment, it could be a hidden combo? I know they want to die and can works as a unit of disruption, and can stop some small units, but it would be better to replace them with something interesting, like Rune Priest? Especially when roster is evidently shooting? I am really interested what tactics you have with this list, Tim.

Black Templars
The army based on shooting terminators with 8 cyclones and tank hunter and without transport. As scoring units, there are three five-man crusader squads with lascannons. Two of them go in Rhino. Terminators durability can be good even two storm shields only, but I do not believe this list will be successful in ETC enviroment.

Imperial Guard
Semi-mechanized Imperial Guard armies are usual this year at ETC. Although I frequently do not play against such armies, I know that are relatively successful. I would definitely bet on more chimeras or hydras in exchange for Leman Russ.

Orks dominated by their numbers. But this list is not the case. Small units Lootas and Burnas have little chance of survival and will run into problems with morale, because they can’t really use the Mob Rule, and they do not have a bosspole for possible morale re-roll. Three Battlewagonss with deff rolla can be great hunters of Land Raiders, although in this case would be a good add them Ard Case.

Grey Knights
This list is one of the more balanced lists of Grey Knights. Unit Death cult Assassins and Xenos inquisitor are very expensive. Since GK is considered to be an shooting army, I would tried to hold this concept of shooting. I would excluded the Hanchmans, terminators and withdrew some Inquisitor equipment. For these points I would add another Strike or Purifier squad with psycannons in the Razorback with ammo.

The usual Tyranids ETC set up.. Nine Hive Guard is a good number and have the potential to destroy the transports, which passengers subsequently assault FnP Genestealers. This concept may work very well in this way until pairings, when they stands against highly mechanized army, especially ones full of Land Raiders.

Dark Eldars
Dark Eldars looks partly balanced, unlike most other ETC rosters, which builds purely warriors spam in venoms primarilly against infantry because of the large amount of poison weapons. This list can by shooting, deal with infantry as well as heavy vehicles. The weaker side of this list is close combat, but paradoxically, in that factor any ETC DE army doesn’t excels , except for Greece.

Blood Angels
Another not entirely typical list for BA. Three little scoring units, two in land raiders, third in lasplas razorback. Three predator annihilators and 7 man strong Death comapny unit in the Land Raider with Reclusiarch. There’s not much. List durability relies on a Land Raiders with scoring unit inside. On the other side, the offensive aspect of this list is not huge, especially against the hordes armies. The army would certainly deserved Librarian with Shield of Sanguinius.

From Scottland lists it seems that Tyranids and Dark Eldars are very good and strong lists. DE are more balanced and can be usefull with more opponents range than Tyranids list. Other list are not so bad, but they isn’t good as they can be.

In the next post about ETC I will confront our Czech team rosters, even I will conceal our strategy, of course.