Commentary: USA ETC army lists

I continue to comments ETC army lists. This time, comment on army lists of USA team, which looks relatively good. Surely I do not want to be compared with Internet celebrities such as Kirby or Stelek. All opinions which are published in this post are only my personal opinions, they aren’t be absolutly true and any of readers can disagree with me.

USA team army lists can be found at:

I’m not sure about this footdar list, especially with Wraithguard unit. Ok, they go close as possible and Warp Spiders can do some disturming factor and with fortune can arrives to center of battle before they die. They can generally works well only with few match ups.

Space Marines
Next list, whitch can works well only with few match ups. Dread with MM without pod is inefficiency before reach range for effective shooting. When Land Raider with terminators and dreads are lost, then whole battle is lost.

Battle wagon spam. I think list is ok, bud be carefull for match ups. Why ork boyz units consist 18 green skins only?

Black Templars
As I mentioned in precedent posts with army lists comments, It seems, for me that they can do very well, in just few match ups. Most of BT lists seems to me better, than this one.

Space Wolves
MSU Wolves. Many Grey Hunters units with rhinos for move forward and in lasplas razorbacks for take and hold. They looks fine, I like it!

Jays variation on army from Adepticon 2011. He know, what tyranids can do well. Be carefull for heavy land rainder armies.

Imperial Guard
Command squads, psykers and veterans embarked to chimeras. Platoons can holt home objectives and try open some tanks with lascannos or can be embarked into vendetas to taking objectives at long distance. Seems like nice guard build for me.

Grey Knights
List is faulty. Daemon Hammers for Justicars is 10pts only, not 25pts. So you have points for another rhino as you needed them. Librarian will join purifiers, it’s only reason for argue with that purifiers are only nine men. Becouse all infantry units haven’t transports, I think, that army is poor against ani infantry shooting even they can benefit from shoulding. Stricly average (It has nothing to do with Brent’s blog) GK list.

Team of America have some good lists as Space Wolves, Imperial Guard or Tyranids, but have som crack lists like BT or Eldars. Team’s overall is standard. Nothing extra strong and nothing worst.

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  1. Greg

    americky IG build je dle meho jeden z nejsilnejsich IG na ETC a da se od nej cekat dobre vysledky. Podobne SW, cisty a odladeny rhino/razor spam se kterym navic hraje vitez letosniho Adepticonu Tony Kopatch. Klasicky build maji i Nidi, zatim to vypada ze na kompetitivni hrani se nic jineho ani nehodi. 5 wagonu u orku je taky spis klasika. Tohle jsou podleme ctyri nejsilnejsi rostery USA tymu, naopak GK, ELD, SM, BT povazuji ja osobne za podprumerne buildy a u techto bude rozhodovat jen a pouze parovani….

  2. Jiří Kocman

    Vidím, že se v podstatě shodujeme. Sice u SM a BT obecně některé armády vypadají fajn, ale ty kodexy nejsou takové terno, takže dobrý list není tak nebezpečný. Mimochodem Jay s velice podobným rosterem tyranidů byl na tom Adepticonu druhý a vypráskal mimo jiné Brentovy démony, určitě se za něj mstít nehodlám, na to nemám 🙂

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