ETC 2011: army list statistics part two

I finish hard work at ETC army statistic. Blood Angels, Black Templars, Eldars, Grey Knights, Imperial Guard and Space Wolves are done. Uff. Ok, why these numbers? I know, statistics doesn’t contains detailed numbers about equipment, but I think, they can help with quick scan oponent’s lists and can help with ideas about pairing and it can quickly explain ETC meta game.

I would like to point out that I am only human and therefore not avoid mistakes. It is possible that some of these numbers will be inaccurate or even wrong. If you find something wrong, please let me know. I make a correction.

If you have not read first post about army list statistics, you can read it here:

Blood Angels
The most common set-up is the Blood Angels Librarian with Shield of Sanguinius, Land Raiders, several Assault Terminators and some Assault Marines. Another teams builds rhino chassis spam. Northern Ireland relies on pure jump pack army. The strangest set-up see the Latvian team. I do not know how they will also Objectives as scoring units are in the form of five assault marines and five scouts and it is not much.

Blood Angels

Black Templars
We see two builds: foot armies and slightly mechanized armies. Both types with the exception of team Scottland are supported by Land Speeders with typhoon missile launcher. Furthermore, with the exception of Spain team, we can found several terminators, typically with a cyclone missile launcher in each army.

Black Templars

Footdars, (double) Seer councils, flying circus. War walkers with scatter lasers, average 3.54 per army, but I expected a lot more of them. Also build USA team seems to me wrong, maybe Eldars many do not understand.Footdars, (double) Seer councils, flying circus. War walkers with scatter lasers, average 3.54 per army, but I expected a lot more of them. Also build USA team seems to me wrong, maybe I do not understand Eldars.


Grey Knights
Latest codex. It is seen that has great potential. All the teams understand that they are shooting GK army. Spybots should not miss in every GK army, as well as a purifier and psycannons razorbacks with psyammo. But where are the Paladins?

Grey Knights

Imperial Guard
IG builds mostly leafblower lists. Vendetas, Hydras, and Chimeras are a must have. Psykers are also numerous as well as frequent occurrence of Manticores. Look at the french list. Psykers 20, Rough Riders and no vendetas.

Imperial Guard

Space Wolves
Long Fangs in the average number of 14.87 per army. Only the German team has only one unit of 6 Long Fangs. Rune Priests with Chooser of the Slain, Living Lighting, Murderous Hurricane or Jaws are also must have. Ireland and Norway teams builds lasplas razorback spam. Compared to last year’s ETC seems to me that the decreased occurrence of Thunderwolf cavalry and herohammer lists in general.

Space Wolves

You can download shown data in MS Excel sheet.

What will follow next? I do not know. Think of something 🙂

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your work. Alex 4 Cologne, Germany.

  2. Jiří Kocman

    I am glad that you like it and maybe help. Thanks.

  3. warpspider

    I like it and it is very interesting.

    Thanks for your work.

    Greetings from austria

  4. Anonymous

    Nice Work! Where do you get the armylists from?

  5. Jiří Kocman
  6. Cannonfodder

    Nice roundup- thx and c u in Montreux

  7. Corrupted

    Kdyz se podivam na tohle tak fakt nejsem a nikdy nebudu power gamer, nektery statistiky jsou fakt smutny 🙂

  8. Jiří Kocman

    Corrupted: jj, ETC je v převážné většině případů opravdu o power gamingu, naštěstí v tom dobrém smyslu, není to jen WAAC, nicméně, opravdu ty listy jsou obvykle postavené na jednom konceptu, třeba ta CSM… 8-9 oblíků a double lash

  9. Anonymous

    I downloaded your Excel file. Thank U for this analysis.
    But I am saddened by such pessimistic forecasts about the Necrons 😉

  10. egges

    Good shit! Keep it up!

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