ETC 2011: pairings for first round

It is the application deadline and army lists for this year’s ETC. And did not stand to talk, the organizers made the first round draw. Our team was by drawing lots intended for the first round the Spanish team.
Here are the round 1 pairings :

1 : Finland vs Republic of Ireland
2 : Norway vs Latvia
3 : Denmark vs Poland
4 : Italy vs Sweden
5 : Switzerland vs England
6 : Germany vs Wales
7 : Northern Ireland vs Austria
8 : Russia vs Belgium
9 : Spain vs Czech Republic
10 : France vs Belarus
11 : Greece vs USA
12 : Scotland vs Euro Merc Team

Off to the friendly banter now chaps 😉
Chairman – ETC 2010-2011
France 40k Blondest Player – ETC 2009
Head Referee – 40k ETC 2008
France 40k Team Captain – ETC 2007
Cold Steel Mercenary [Burgundy Division]

Quote from The Warhammer Forum.

So what awaits in the first round and see will not miss see next (in czech language).

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