Commentary: Poland ETC army lists

I continue to comments ETC army lists. This time, comment on army lists of Poland team. Polish guys are ETC 2010 champions, so let’s go to see their lists. Surely I do not want to be compared with Internet celebrities such as Kirby or Stelek. All opinions which are published in this post are only my personal opinions, they aren’t be absolutly true and any of readers can disagree with me.

Poland team army lists can be found at:

Witch Hunters
As team Germany, I think it’s next Imperial Guard army with three exorcists and psychic defense in team. Not bad list for this concept.

Green tide supported by 9 lobbas. As I mentioned in Greece team comments, I would prefer kannons. They can pop light vehicles before green wave arrives.

Space Wolves
Razor/rhino spam. Looks like balanced SW list. I like it.

Grey Knights
Who will carry in Land Raider? With Deatcult assasins list prefer close combat. Not bad.

Imperial Guard
IG with lot of hydras and infantry squads with lascannons. Surprisingly, no Vendetas in list! Looks fine.

Blood Angels
Combined list with some assault and shooting. I don’t understand Furioso without pod or libby upgrade. I think BA list is worst from Poland team, Although this is not strictly weak.

Chaos Space Marines
Standard dual lash list with full obliterators. Why Khorne berserkers and not another Plague Marines with transport?

Space Marines
Tacticals will be combat squads – lascannons will sit back on objectives, sergeant and melta will go forward in razorbacks. With rifle dreads and lascannon predators looks like good list for standard marines.

Although the Blood Angels list is not the best, overall, I like Poland lists, and I think it’s one of the strongest team package and I expect that the Poles will get very high. Can these dudes make they champions this year again?

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  1. Anonymous

    Lobbas – yeah, but kannons have 36" range a die in milisecond against any army with decent shooting. Lobbas a more difficult to kill which is important in KP missions and still give some support especially at taking out squads hiding behind wrecks.

    Furioso – he, he You'd understand if You followed our pairings and results from last 3 years. We learn from expierience.

    Berks – experience again. Plagues looks better on the paper when You try to copy/paste options that seem best in the codex. But when playing CSM very often are found lacking of small hit squad that is not a DP. Plagues are not exactly good at killing things w hth, and it's seem like a waste to withdraw DP from the first line to deal with drop troops or scouts. Berks fill that gap. I'd like them to have fist though but my player said he prefers more models.

    Thanks for the review, very interesting but seem a bit undetailed and too general for my teste. The trick is in the small things:) Nice to see though that european etc blogoshpere grows every year. Cheers, and see YOu in Switzerland!


  2. Jiří Kocman

    Yes, all is about pairings and player's experience. I don't know other teams strategies, players experience and pairing options, so I can't comment depending on these facts.
    Lists repeats a lot of things, and some comments were already in previous army comments.

    I looking forward to see how armies which I comment will work. I would like see you as opponents at 6th round in battle on champions.

    Regards, Jiri.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, I'd like to see You too in 6th round on table 1, but I'm afraid it's gonne be Germans or Swedes again. Nevertheless I'd like very much to see You and talk a bit off the tourney, maybe during the party at saturday's evening. Cheers!


  4. Jiří Kocman

    I do not know Swedish guys, but their lists look good, there is none with which I would like to play if necessary.
    Friday the party still to not know Whether I will participate. Some team mates are still Have not expressed. Personally, I do the driver for a team, with it depends on Their decisions.

    But I will remember on you…

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