Commentary: Sweden ETC army lists

I continue to comments ETC army lists. This time, comment on army lists of Sweden team. Sweden guys was fourth on ETC 2010, so let’s go to see their lists. Surely I do not want to be compared with Internet celebrities such as Kirby or Stelek. All opinions which are published in this post are only my personal opinions, they aren’t be absolutly true and any of readers can disagree with me.

Sweden team army lists can be found at:

Imperial Guard
Heavy mechanized Imperial Guard. Lots of autocannons in squads and on hydras for long range support, but why in PCS combined with meltas?

Primarily foot list with fire dragons as anti vehicle support. Six walkers with scatter lasers looks fine. No bad list with good pairing.

Blood Angels
Jumper list supported with attack bikers and terminators in Land Raider. Needs corresponding pairings for success, but I like it.

Space Wolves
Average wolves list. Full missile launcher fangs, thunderwolf cavlary supported with Wolf Lord as close combat pressure. Why not las-plas razorback?

Five battlewagons with rolla and some meganobz units. Where we can found some Land Raiders or another heavy vehicles? It works fine with corresponding match-ups.

Dark Eldars
Lots of warriors and trueborns with blasters in Venoms supported by Ravegers and some wythces as counter assault. Next extreme shooting Dark Eldars list. I will works fine against hordes and against mech too.

Grey Knights
With four psy dreads looks like shooty list, but not extreme for combat. Purifiers go in LR and stay with dreads as counter assault, otherwise why they don’t have psycannons?

Space Marines
No bad for Marines, but it’s Space Marines army. Can be good with corresponding pairing.

No bad lists pack. Most lists needs corresponding pairings. While Sweden guys makes pairings fine, then they will perfect.

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