Commentary: ETC 2012 Romania Army Lists

I continue with ETC 2012 army lists commentary. Today is place for comment our opponents for first round – Team Romania. Surely I do not want to be compared with Internet celebrities such as Kirby. All opinions which are published in this post are only my personal opinions, heavily affected by Czech meta game and they aren’t be absolutly true and any of readers can disagree with me.  So lets go to some commentaries for Romanian guys.


You can download full Romania ETC 2012 army lists in TXT format.

Coman „Niraco“ Razvan – Blood Angels
Forty ASM, priests, foot terminators(!) and Devastators, pretty good against some shooty armies, but without extreme CC threat. It will works perfect with properly pairing otherwise, Angels will have hard times. Foot CC terminators, though deep striking?

Mogos „USA“ Bogdan – Necrons
I don’t know Mogos plans. Run Immortals with Crypteks or not? I think there is not real shooting pressure nor heavy CC potential in Wraiths.

Laurentiu „Laurdakul“ Rusen – Grey Knights
Inquisitor henchmens supported by Purifiers, that have to do maximum what they can for make this list work properly. I think that list is very good one.

Charles „The Jew“ Edgar – Dark Eldar
WWP list. I think that list can work fine with good pairings. But it seems to me, that is not dedicated anti infantry nor dedicated anti tank. Dark Eldars can do more, I think

Zanfir „Ork“ – Space Wolves
Really MSU Space Wolves list. That works fine when used properly.

Bogdan „Bobo“ – Imperial Guard
Not extreme Imperial Guard list, but with otflanking platoon is not usual. Semi good IG list.

Alex Anton – Chaos Space Marines
Dual lash list with nothing interesting, but that is what Chaos make it good.

Petre „Vannya“ Laura-Adriana – Chaos Daemons
Shooting Tzenesh list whithout Princes. Nod bad, but It don’t like mass anti infantry shooting.

Not extremely hard package, but not bad overall. Surely we could get better or worse opponent for the first round. If pairing will as we wish, we have great chances of winning, and then shoot down one of the favorites – Poland? Germany? USA?

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