ETC 2012 – 40k Czech Republic team announced

ETC 2012 comming soon. So, is my pleasuere to introduce you the Czech Warhammer 40k team including team members and their army lists. This year the Czechs formed a team which is mainly based on players which have previous ETC experience and with five of the TOP10 rated players at RankingsHQ. This fact gives us hope for good results. Continue reading, if you are interested.

  • Tomáš „Greg“ Gregovský, captain and ETC 40k veteran, Necrons
    Ten AV13 vehicles with Imotekh and Anrakyr the Traveller.
  • Jindřich „UZMN“ Čadík, ETC WFB veteran, Grey Knights
    Coteaz and henchmens with Paladins.
  • Jiří „Grigorij“ Tesner, ETC 40k veteran, Space Wolves
    Wolf Lord on TWC, Rhinos with Grey Hunters and long fangs.
  • Pavel „Slimork“ Břínek, ETC 40k veteran, Orks
    Battlewagons, Trucks, Kanns and many Orks, of course.
  • Jiří „Komplik“ Kocman, ETC 40k veteran, Blood Angels
    ASM MSU with Razorback/Land Raider and four Predators.
  • Jan „Arafeus“ Kolář, ETC 40k veteran, Dark Angels – Deathwing
    Uncommon Deathwing – mechanized one with three Land Raiders.
  • Vít „MadHamster“ Ilkanin, ETC 40k veteran, Imperial Guard
    Veterans with Chimeras, Vendettas and Hydras.
  • Martin „Goran“ Moravec, ETC newbie, Dark Eldar
    Venom/blaster spam with Razorwing and Beastmasters.

Full ETC 2012 Czech 40k Army Lists compilation for download (PDFs in ZIP).