ETC 2012: Team Czech Republic accepts Polish challenge

Vladdi, Polish captain says: Ok, I passed what Pierre said to my team and they demanded that I send a grudge towards Czech team, who kicked us out of EURO 2012 and killed all hopes and dreams of our proud host nation. So my dear neighbors if you have the guts to do it and would honor us with the chance to wipe out the shame brought to our country by our football team we would like to challenge You to a fight in first round! We will not point fingers at You and call You chickens if You don’t, we understand fully how afraid You may be, but we hope You can overcome Your fears and stand up to us! 😉


Team voting was close, captain vote decided, that Czechs are no cowards and accept Polish challenge with words: Hello Vladdi, perhaps I surprise you, but we accept the challenge. But note, that if you win then we will call you chickens, because you challenged the much weaker team. And if you didnt win it will be even worse and then all others will call you chickens. And dont forget to take a balloon, at one evening we can do revenge for the EURO.

Vladdi, Polish captain responds: You didn’t surprise me, I knew You’d be up for the challenge, You’re a tough nation! I think with all that time to prepare You have a decent chance of kicking our butts, I know Danish boys last year gave us a scare. Hope the vote will let us play together in the first round, if so I know one thing for sure – there’s gonna be a lot of beer involved:) cheers

So if challenge will be posible for first round at ETC 2012 (depends on Captains voting), then we are ready for Czech vs. Poland in first round. I looking forward for Poland Team as Polish are one from bests.


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