40k Chaos Daemons for sale

Because I have a few armies, with which I do not play for a long time and with the arrival of the sixth edition I need to make some investment in new models, I decided to offer one for sale to someone who will use it, and especially appreciate that it is fully playable and full painted army. So there is my offer.

Chaos Daemons – 83 models, full paint

Ping Horrors of Tzeentch x26 includes x2 icon, x2 instrument
Flames of Tzeentch x12
Fiend of Slaanesh x6 (brown ones on pics)
Plaguebearers x19 includes Icon, instrument, champion
Daemon Prince x3 (magnetized, but unpainted wings for blue prince)
Chaos Spawn x2
Changeling x1
Screamers of Tzeentch x10
Charriot of Tzeentch x4 (extra Jetbike bases, you can reassemble heralds for more Screamers)

You can see Daemons army at gallery.

I looking for 550€. This price includes Codex in good condition including WD Codex Update and Feldherr Maxi figure case including foams (Feldherr case not shown on pics). If it is expensive for you, make me an offer.

I can ship worldiwde (about 30-60 EUR for shipping, I know, but Czech post is expensive), payment by PayPal.