Rumory: Chaos Space Marines – kompilace rumorů

Včera jsem postoval aktuální část Chaos Space Marines rumorů. Dnes přidávám opravdu obří kompilaci všech dostupných rumorů pro chystaný kodex CSM. Jako zdroj opět slouží Nafkův blog Faeith212.

Chaos Space Marines
The latest on the release dates are as follows.
September 23rd for Games Day UK the CSM codex will be there……
September 29th pre-orders are up.
October 6th is the release date….
By October 20th, all new units in the codex will have been released.

Some Real Information: Chaos Marine Codex

via Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)
Dark Apostles
It’s correct in how they are purchased and that they confer abilities to the unit they’re in.

They universally confer fearless(because they are fearless) and furious charge.  Beyond those two, the abilities that they add to the unit are not as good as the ones you have posted, and in some cases not even remotely similar.

Dark Apostles’s are more along the lines of watered down cult troops, but if added to a cult unit they still „bolster“ the cult units effects.

i.e. Dark Apostle in a Plague Marine unit get FnP 4+ instead of 5+, or confers a 5+ to a unit of marines or cultists.

Let me be frank though and clarify that there is no unit that gets rampage that is not limited to 3 models.  It’s reserved for independent characters, walkers, monstrous creatures and some multi-wound, small number units.

Your unit of 8 khorne berserkers doesn’t potentially double in effectiveness by taking less of them.

Daemon Princes
The daemon prince stuff is accurate
Daemon Princes are exalted CSM’s, not Daemon’s (though they have the Daemon rules), so they are not the same as from the Daemon codex.  They have clear heritage as space marines.
the chaos space marine daemon prince being increased by 40pts! & having the lash ability taken away for good 
the daemon prince will have to pay the same points for wings as a daemons prince from the chaos daemons codex so it is is more balanced.

Dark Apostles and Daemon Princes

via Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)
Dragon Flyer – 12/12/10
2 butcher cannons, bs3, immune to shaken/stunned, can be locked velocity as normal.  Flyer only, no hover/skimmer mode.  Can vector strike at strength 10.  Strafing run.
Because this might be misinterpreted I’m going to be really clear: It does not have „two firing profiles.“ It has 2 butcher cannons, and that’s it.  It does not have blasts of any kind.  It is „BS4“ against ground targets because of strafing run (go read it, it’s a USR for details).

Terminators can be upgraded to chosen, getting +1 WS (5) and +1 wound (2), and fearless. They can take marks on top of that.  It gets expensive.
– Interestingly enough, when upgraded they are troops if you take Abbadon, yet normal Terminators are Elites.
There are no „chaos storm shields,“
The best you can get is Mark of Tzeench to upgrade your 5+ invulnerable from Terminator armour to a 4+.

There is a piece of chaos wargear that gives a 4+ invulnerable, but it is not a storm shield it can just be added for characters. Yes it upgrades via mark of tzeench to 3+.  No it’s not available for sorcerers.

Vindicator is unchanged, but can take daemonic possession (as all chaos vehicles can).  No melta of any kind  on it except the potential to buy a pintle-mounted combi-melta as an upgrade.

As for the essentially indirect fire mechanism? That’s made up.  As for the daemonic possession changing the weapon profile for 1 shot that then expends the daemonic possession? That’s made up.

The new book has a lot to explore, and lots of fiddly options here and there.  The post about Abbadon and the previous one have no basis on the actual print what so ever.

Chaos Cultists: Rules, Box Set, and a Pic!!!!

via Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)
There are two changes between this version and the print copy, but they’re not that big.

Oh, and cultists are getting a plastic box of 10 that comes with 10 sets of auto pistol / ccw arms, 10 autoguns, 2 shotguns, 1 heavy stubber, 1 flamer, 1 grenade launcher, 1 icon (with several top options), 1 power axe, 1 power maul and a bunch of bits to put here and there (such as frag grenades and trophies).  Only thing I didn’t see was a power sword.

Chaos Marines: Clarifications to Questions

via Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)
Chaos will not spend long without in-game rules for Cultists and the Hellbrute.  Both are included in the new codex.  No rules supplement is coming in the October White Dwarf.  Figure it out.

Hellbrutes are 2 attack base, +1 for each close combat weapon they take, meaning 3 with one CCW (such as the one in the DV Box) and 4 if you take two.

Chosen are all, in effect, „Champions,“ they don’t have a Champion Champion, that would be a Chaos Lord.  Hence why it’s 2 attacks base.

On the whole, Leadership has gone down here and there for Chaos Marines to represent the fact that they think for themselves and believe that running away and saving your ass is the better part of valour.

There are ways around this, through Marks and even the presence of Characters (who are Fearless and confer it in a bubble), because no one wants to piss off their Chaos Lord.

The DV box set doesn’t complicate the game with points, as it pre-assigns all of the models on a per scenerio basis.

Everyone needs to calm down and consider that you „got the boxed set a few weeks early“ in essence, not that the Chaos codex is „a few weeks late.“

If you like the concept that Chaos Space Marines are malignant forces, tainted and changed by the warp and their dark worship hellbent on nothing but seeing the galaxy burn through whatever is their favorite means, you will be very happy with the new codex.

If you wanted evil space marines who are a tactical spear tip strike force, then you will be disappointed.

The new chaos is an evolved version of what you had before, and nothing like space marines except being WS/BS/S/T 4 in power armor.

The Hellbrute: Fluff and More Information!

via Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)

Hellbrute (background/fluff) paraphrased
They were mighty and honorable warriors interred in the powerful and venerable dreadnought chasis during their former slavery to the Imperium.  A side effect of insanity was a known feature of Dreadnoughts.  To counter this, standard operating procedures on Dreadnoughts is to keep them in stasis between service, so that they see life as one constant battle, only awake in times of great need and focus, but Hell brutes get no such reprieve.

Without the cold embrace of nothingness that makes the years and decades between war pass in the blink of an eye, they are driven mad. The rage of a mind essentially trapped within his walking sarcophagus, simultaneously his freedom and prison tears at the very fabric of his sanity and it is expressed through monstrous transformation and mutation.

Some believe that when enough service has been rendered and enough blood has been shed and victories won in the name of the Dark Gods, these once mighty warriors will be elevated to Greater Daemons and once again walk the earth of dead worlds with their own two feet.

Earlier Information
I just want to clarify that while it is listed as having a Power Fist and not a Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, because it is a Walker it does not suffer from the Unwieldy special rule, that’s why it’s simplified in the codex entry.

120 points

It’s 12/12/10
Str 6, ws 4, bs4, i4

Multi-Melta / Power Fist (with inbuilt combi-bolter)

can swap the Multi-Melta for a butcher-cannon, or twin reaper auto cannons (which is pretty cool, since that’s an entire riflemen in one arm, but with less range), twin-linked lascannon or a twin-linked heavy flamer.
can swap combi-bolter for a meltagun or heavy flamer

Has rampage

Mark of Khorne: Rage USR
Mark of Nurgle: 5+ restore a hull point OR repair immobilized / weapon destroyed at the start of a turn.  Does not let it get back up after having been killed unlike Unholy Vigor.
Mark of Slaanesh: Sonic scream, gives it offensive/defensive grenades
Mark of Tzeench: flame weapons (if it has any) are +1 strength and -1 AP (heavy flamers are AP3… whaaaat)

New Information
Some stuff I left out (it was late, I was tired)

You can change the shooty arm for a Power Fist.  The power fist doesn’t have an inbuilt weapon though so you can’t get another flamer or meltagun on it.  This upgrade is free.

The autocannon is low points cost, the butcher cannon is moderate, the lascannon is expensive and the twin-flamer is free.

It’s also still crazed, but crazed works differently now.

If you get fire frenzy, you double shot at the closest enemy target, not closest target.  Only if there are no enemies in range do you shoot a friendly target (twice).  If nothing is STILL in range, you treat it as blood rage instead. (so upgrade your stuff to flamers and give it another power fist if you always want it ANGRY)

Blood Rage makes the Hellbrute have to move towards the closest target.  Rolls 2d6 to run (pick the highest) and can charge, and must charge, the closest target within 12″. (rolled as normal).  If immobilized, you treat as a Fire Frenzy.

Dark Apostles make Blood Rage results more likely to happen if they are nearby (but you risk the albeit now unlikely fire frenzy to the face).

They’re not infected with the same virus as Obliterators.

It’s not a daemon, and does not have the daemon USR

The fluff entry also mentions that some Hell Brutes are not as mutated as others, and more closely resemble their dreadnought kin, but to make no mistake they are just as insane.

(So you can still use your old models if you have them.  The hellbrute is just the evolution of the whole „style“ for the new CSM, which is a lot less „space marine with spikes“ and a lot more something unique).

Chaos Space Marine Rumors are Here!

via TastyTaste over on Blood of Kittens

First off, I want to say that it just doesn’t make any sense for GW to release the new Starter Set with models that doesn’t have a codex, so we have to assume that CSM codex will be out before the starter set. The only way they don’t  (would be a big slap in the face) would be they add a mini update like Daemons and still put off the CSM codex release.

Anyway on to more rumors/leaks.
Remember I might just repeat other rumors floating around and debunk others.
 –Special Characters–
Ahriman: Mastery Level 4, Same Stats as before, Access to Biomancy, Pryomancy, Telepathy, and Tzeentch. He is the master of witch ire spells, he can cast three spells that are witchfire in the same phase. He can also give up to three units infiltrate ability.
Huron: Same Stats as before, Mastery Level 1, Spells are randomly determined at the start of each turn.
Typhus: Same Stats as before, Mastery Level 2 can only take Nurgle powers, Destroyer Hive has been changed to be a Nurgle Holocaust Str4 AP2 ignores cover. Has Fear
Kharn: Same Stats as before, Him and his Unit get 2+ to deny witch and is completely immune to force weapons. Still attacks random people, but now a sneaky way around it. Always hits on 2+ in Assualt. Best part is he has Hatred that he can give to the rest of his unit.
Fabius Bile: Same Stats as before. Enhanced Warriors can only ever kill one model gives them Str and Fearless.
Lucius: Same Stats as before. His attacks are the same number as your opponent WS (Avatar vs Lucius fun times). Re-rolls all Wounds, Armor saves made by Lucius inflict str 4 ap2 hits back.
Dragon: 170pts AV 12/12/10 Can Vector Strike as a MC, Has Str 8 Heavy 4 guns
Shooty Demon Engine: 120pts AV 12/12/10 Two Str 8 Heavy 4 guns
Assault Demon Engine: 135pts AV 12/12/10, Immune to Cover, 12″ Move, Two Str 8 AP1 Melta Weapons, plus PowerFists
Hellbrute New CSM Dreadnaught: 105pts Crazed, BIG CHANGE no more DCW now just power fist will strike at I1
Chaos Land Raider: 220pts Only Godhammer variant, only holds 10 guys, still can get dozerblades
Upgrades: Mini Deff Roller Str 5 Ap – hits and double for failed death and glory, Chaos Lash whips but reduce attacks to 1
–Unique Items–
Demon Weapons: All Demon Weapons on a roll of 1 will attack user, but no longer will you lose the rest of your attacks.
Unique Chaos Power Axe: +2 str Ap2, Blinds Opponents, Gives Rage, Demon Weapon.
Unique Chaos Power Maul: AP4, Fleshbane, Demon Weapon, Any unsaved wounds causes instant death after toughness test is failed, in addition at the end of the assault phase any model with in 3″ must make another toughness test or take an AP1 wound.
Unique Chaos Power Sword: Ap3 Marked for Death, select any character get str x2 AP1 instant death when engaged with that character
Unique Chaos Flamer: Str 5 Ap3 Torrent, Soulblaze
Unique Icon: Once you kill a model the Icon unlocks and any model enemy model within 12″ must take Difficult and Dangerous Terrain tests and all friendly deep strikers don’t scatter.
Unique Spell Book: Gain Random powers every turn can possible hurt you as well
Attack Familiar: Two additional familiar attacks
Magic Familiar: Grants Random Spells
Chaos Iron Halo: 4+ invul can stack with MoT so that means 3+ invul
Flails: AP 2 Str 8 reduce WS of targets
Chosen: 19pts each, Infiltrate gone
Terminators: 31pts each, Upgrades got very cheap FULLY kitted 10 man unit is about 400 pts with more versatility than another other Terminator unit in the game.  Still has Combi-Spam.
Zerkers: 19pts each, Chainaxe Str 4 Ap 4
1k Sons: 23pts each, Champion Mastery Level 1
Plague Marines: 24pts each, Same as before now have Poison Assault Weapon
Noise Marines: 16pts each, Must still buy Sonic Weapons. Sonic Blaster 24″ inch Str 4 Ap5 Salvo, Ignores Cover, Blastmaster 25 pts assault 2 or heavy 1 blast same as before now with ignores cover, Doom Siren Same as before.
Assault Oblits: Elite Slot Weapons act like Ymgarl Genestealers powers
Possessed: Random Chart is now D3 acts like Ymgarl Genestealers powers, but determine at the beginning of the turn.
Havocs: 13pts each, 5-15pt drop for all special weapons from past edition, can buy Flak missiles
–Psychic Powers–
Tzeentch: 4 powers only. Prime Power Random Str blast that keeps on exploding random hits for every dead model, 1-2 Roll on Big Chart re-roll spawn result, 3-4 Bolt of Tzeentch but how is a Beam, 5-6 Breath of Chaos
Ok that is all I got guys every last drop of rumor juice is gone! Enjoy, oh wait what is this at the bottom of my cup…
Prepare to be Despoiled
Abaddon is still one bad ass. His stats and cost remain the same. He will always be your Warlord. Drach’nyen: Demon Weapon, Specialist Weapon, +1 str ap2. Talon of Horus: x2 str, re-roll wounds, BA get hatred to Abaddon, Any friendly unit within 12″ of Abaddon gets Preferred Enemy. The biggest thing about Abaddon though is he makes CHOSEN TROOPS!

QnA session compilation
Chaos Space Marine Codex

via Anonymous Source on Faeit 212 
As of July 25th, CSM book is set to release in September along with the starter (though not the same week).

Having not had an extensive amount of time with the rules, from what I have read so far, there seems to be a theme of if you want it, you can have it, but you have to pay.

Basic CSM squads actually end up cheaper than a tactical squad if they take only 2 special weapons and their aspiring champion has bp/ccw.

It’s possible, however, to clear 400 points on a 10 man squad with a transport.

There does seem to be a ton of possible army lists that can be built out of it though, and that’s really exciting, but at the end of the day they’re just marines and nothing has jumped off the page as ‚wtf…OP‘ (yet)

There are no CSM squads that can combat squad.

Does the codex promote a mixed army, or mono god armies?

You can get away with a mono-god list, but at that point you should be using cult troops most likely.

If you’re adding havocs to your berzerker army, there’s no real point in giving the havocs the mark of khorne for instance. In that sense you’re varied.
It’s not like 3.5 where we’ll see thousand son troops with nurgle vehicles to min-max.
Undivided armies are a lot cheaper than cult marines. A lot. Playing undivided gives you many more bodies.


The only impact on Marks is that HQ models make corresponding cult units Troops.

You can mix/match Marks and Icons.
+1T/FnP isn’t as good as a Plague Marine, they’re worth their points.
HQ unlocks corresponding cult troop.

Marks are the same.
-Undivided still reroll morale tests?
-Khorne still Rage
-Tzeentch still +1 invuln save
-Nurgle still +1T
-Slaanesh still +1I 

Marks are the same, except Khorne which is Rage, not +1 attack and has a point decrease.
Undivided Lords get Inspiring Presence command trait, and improved reserve manipulation.
Dedicated transports get the mark of the unit they’re bought for, for free. Only units with the same mark can ride in it, (so be careful).
Undivided vehicles can transport anyone.

Other vehicles may buy them. An example would be the mark of khorne on a predator, which gives it a dozer blade at no additional cost, and allows it to roll d6 wounds on a unit it tank shocks
Yes icons prevent scatter

Marks are bought per squad
CSM/Havocs/Raptors/Chosen pay the same cost. Termies pay more.

Psychic Powers
There are 2 debuff spells in Nurgle and Slaanesh, 2 buff spells in Slaanesh.
Psychic powers are rolled, not bought specifically

Eye of Gods 

The „eye of the Gods“ table is actually several tables. First you roll to see what table you roll on, then you roll what you get after winning a challenge, killing a monstrous creature or walker, or annihilating a unit in close combat.

One of the tables is Daemonic Gifts.

The chart is 6 charts of 6 options.

Units (General)
CSM and Cultists are Troops
Cult units become troops with the right mark on your warlord.
No bonuses for Sacred numbers
No one comes with icons by default, cult troops get marks by default.

Skull Champions can take collars that give the squad and any vehicle it’s embarked in a 5+ DtW
Kharne strikes at initiative 5, and he gained armour bane which I guess is new. He’s AP3, but for every model he kills (not wound inflicted) he makes an additional attack at initiative 1.

Not quite the same as warrior born as it doesn’t keep growing, but it’s very devastating for someone with 8 attacks on the charge. 

Kharne has a 2+ Deny the witch

Kharne still hits friendly models.

khorne berserkers are AP 5

Berzerkers are 105+21/berzerker

berzerkers are 2 attacks, rage, furious charge, frag and krak grenades, bolt pistol / khornate weapon (ap5 in close combat).
They’re 5 attacks at str5 ap5 each on the charge.
They can also upgrade to have chainfists in the form of 2 handed chain-axes.

5-20 in size.

Noise Marines

Noise marines are overall a little bit cheaper. Sonic Blasters are 36″ salvo now. Aspiring champions have access to a whip that prevents enemies from denying challenges. Other weapons are the same

Plague Marines
They are 120 for 5, + 24 for more.
Poisoned only in melee. Can throw their blight grenades to reduce enemy movement speed to 2d6 pick the highest, or if already rolling d6 for whatever reason (i.e. cover, charging) pick the lowest.
Plague marines are now poison in CC. Can throw blight grenades

Thousand Sons
Thousand Sons come with an Aspiring Sorcerer in their basic 5 before adding more Rubric marines.
150 points for 4 Rubric marines and 1 Aspiring Sorcerer, He gets a roll included..
Unit size 4-19. 20 points per Rubric. Still slow and purposeful, unless the sorcerer is alive then relentless.
Rubric marines are 1W, 4++
Thousand Son squads are rank 1
HQ sorcerer are rank 1, can be upgraded to 2.
Mark of Tzeench on an HQ is +1 (so you can upgrade all the way to rank 3)
There is a piece of wargear that lets you reroll up to your mastery in dice after you have rolled, but only each dice once.

Ahriman is mastery 4, can cast multiple powers per turn, gets access to almost all lores and has a default psychic attack much like smite but longer range that he can use in addition to his normal psychic powers per turn.

Most named characters are the same, but overall a point reduction. Abbadon is the same points and does not make terminators troops.
There are no new named characters.
I haven’t read any special character adjusting the allies chart.
Abadon is AP2, Daemon Weapons are AP3

Daemon Prince

Kicks ass and takes names, but otherwise no army wide bonus’s are granted

Daemon princes are jump if they have wings.

Chaos Space Marine
70 for 5, 14 for each additional marine.
Aspiring Champion is a 10 point upgrade.
Come with bolter/bp/ccw
For every 5 models in the squad you get a special weapon. If the squad is 10 or more, one model can exchange a flamer(5 pts) for a Heavy Bolter, meltagun(10 points) for an Autocannon or Missile Launcher or a plasmagun(15 points) for a Lascannon.
Marks range from 10-50 points, Icons range from 10-40 points.

Cultists are 4 points each and come in squads of 10-30. They can have any combination of autoguns (str3 ap-) or auto pistol ccw (str 3 ap-)
They can take special weapons, but not heavy weapons.
they respond very well to dark apostles getting an extra benefit when one is in their unit.
Zombie cultists aren’t scoring and cannot be joined by Characters (even with the mark of nurgle)
No traitor guard. Just cultists.
cultists cannot platoon, but you can take up to 30 of them in the first place.

Will Terminators be able to be given both marks and icons to essentially be cult terminators?
Yes, but it’s expensive. Taking both increases the cost of the second and Terminators pay more in the first place.
Terminators pay 50% more for marks. Taking an icon if you already have a mark costs an extra 20 points


Possessed get to buy (not roll) up to 3 boons from the  Eye of Gods table.

Maulers (Elites)
str5/t5, 2+/5++, Once per turn can combination of 2:
power weapon, power fist, lightning claw
Each mauler chooses individually.
1-3. Maulers cannot deep strike, but are not slow and purposeful.

Dark Apostles

Yes daemons can be summoned to your CSM icons if you have a dark apostle.

War Smiths

war smiths who can restore hull points

Chaos Dragon (Fast Attack)

The only flyer in the codex
Dragon Takes out other flyers with a ranged attack
its 12/11/10    170pts
Fast Attack

the flyer you get is retardedly good at blowing up things that are zooming.


Bikes get nothing new, just CSM on bikes with combi-bolters instead of bolters.

Raptors still have access to special weapons, only the aspiring champion can take special melee weapons. They are reduced in points.

The Night Lord’s raptors are a lot like vanguard (they cannot charge on deep strike though), but they have 2 attacks base + dual power weapons (ap3) with the shred special rule and are 35 points each.

They can take marks

The mark of khorne for instance gives it Rage and a unique weapon option much-like blood talons except it’s a giant rotary saw.

Obliterators (heavy Support)

No new turret options for predators.

New Siege Engine (heavy support)

The siege engine has a melta blast template.

They’re the same except they have the Daemon special rule, 4 hull points and a 5+ invulnerable save.

Havocs, CSM and chosen squads can take autocannons


Daemonicly possessed vindicators I think will be in every list, with their ability to potentially regenerate destroyed weapons at start of the chaos player’s turn 


There is a sound-based vehicle upgrade but it’s more of a Word Bearers item than Slaanesh.
There is a sonic upgrade for tanks, but it’s not a noise-marine thing.
no chaos razorbacks, just combi-weapons
No drop pods 
There is a new land raider, it’s a lot like a crusader.
12 capacity for the basic, 16 capacity for the new one.

New Land Raider can ram fortifications and you can launch an assault on the occupants, except that you don’t consolidate at the end, you remain locked in combat.

If the enemy unit flees they immediately exit the terrain. If the door is blocked (by your land raider for instance), they count as having been caught ala Sweeping Advance

There are no new fortifications but there is a unique upgrade to fortifications.

 don’t know about upgrades being finecast. I know that there is intent to upgrade the basic CSM box to support all the cult troops to be able to achieve any of the weapon combinations from the entries (including everyone having soundblasters).

Daemon Weapons are AP3 and pretty different now, you still wrestle with them. I think its a matter of preference.

The „Hatred: Space Marines“ rule….is it ALL Space Marines (Chaos and Loyalist), just Loyalist, or just Vanilla?

Just imperial loyalist.

via TastyTaste on Blood of Kittens
Thanks for waiting everyone.

First off, I typically have no idea on the release schedules, but my feelings tell me that this book will be coming out the first Saturday of September. Makes sense to me release some Demon stuff ahead of CSM, then have the 6th edition Starter Box for Oct and the holiday season. This though I could be totally wrong about so take it with extra salt.

Second, let me go over the latest rumor batch that hit last week concerning CSM with my two cents parentheses.
This was posted on various sites by Skcuzzlebum

-Release date: September 1st
(my guess as well)

-Hard back
(my guess as well)

-There is an Eye of the Gods-like table ~like the WFB  Warriors of Chaos table.
You get to roll on whenever a character kills another character in a challenge, or a Walker or Monstrous Creature. There is a multitude of gifts (and curses) that your Characters can acquire which range from +1 Save, +1 Toughness, or becoming either a Spawn or a Daemon Prince!!!
(Sorta True — trying to lump all the funky stuff into one table  is not totally accurate. CSM codex is table land. Expect many random charts and upgrades it will be hard to keep track.)

-Chaos Cultists are in
(true– said this and others before)

-The Dragon flyer is in  – think Necron Night Scythe with the main chassis replaced by a massive mechanical dragon head with segmented wings sweeping forward and around from it.
(True – The thing looks like a dragon head attached to the Owl from Clash of the Titans)

-Dark Apostles – ~Word Bearers rejoice!!!
(True– but more of cultist leader/moral buffer)

-Warp Smiths – Chaos Techmarines that can curse vehicles and degrade terrain. ~maybe they’ll have anti-psychotic grenades
( True -Think Doc Ock )

-New Daemon Engine – half way between a Dreadnought and a Defiler.
(True -I would say halfway between Defiler and Trygon)

-Defilers are Daemons and have a 5+ Inv save.
(Yes a Demon, and some extra lovin…)

-’Cult’ units are all Elites and are unlocked to Troops by appropriate HQ choices
(True- Said this before, but have some good news on that front)

-No Cult Terminators ~boo hiss!!!
(-True, boo hiss!!!)

-Obliterators are exclusively for shooting – so no powerfists.
 (-False they will shoot, but still have a powerfist)
HOWEVER there is a new unit which is basically a close combat Obliterator. (True)

-There are 2 types of Raptors now: regular CSMs with Jump Packs, and Possessed Daemonic Raptors with Lightning Claws. (True)

-Possessed take multiple benefits from the Eye of the Gods table. (not sure)

-NO Daemons in the Codex. (true, but allies FTW!)

–Important Designer Note–
The new CSM codex is not a return to the 3rd edition codex, this is the successor to Gav Thorpe’s creation– the current CSM codex. Unlike before Phil Kelly was put in charge of  building from the ground up; Space Wolves, Dark Eldar, and Orks codexes he instead has taken a much more subtle approach with the CSM Codex. This is not the reinvention of the wheel at its core this is a validation for Gav Thorpe and perhaps if you could ask Gav, Phil Kelly’s CSM codex would have been the codex he wished he could have written, but wasn’t allowed to.

–What will be Released–
We will know if GW has changed policy. This codex will reveal if GW has abandoned the wave method to model release with a new codex or if they have stopped caring and show you all the new models even if they don’t come out right away.
Finecast: Dark Apostle, Warsmith, New Lord, Oblits, All Old Special Characters not updated already
New Plastic: Dragon, Raptors, Dreadnaught, Demon Engine, Assault Oblits, Chosen
Upgrade Packs: Plague Marines, 1k Sons, Emperor’s Children

–General Changes–
Almost all of the old units are either the same point cost or have gotten cheaper. With the notable exceptions of Chosen, Terminators, Defilers getting more expensive. The notable cheaper ones being basic CSM, Oblits, Zerkers,  The CSM is really an upgrade codex, while things have gotten cheaper you will be hard pressed to keep your units inexpensive with all the wargear you can add. The cheaper units doesn’t come without a cost as well, almost all units saw a LD drop. Also you will start to see a lot of the new USRs in the CSM book.

–What has stayed the Same–
The Cult units are the same in stats and basic wargear. No new Spacial Characters. Abbadon is still the only one with Eternal Warrior. Demon Weapons still can kill you. The Dreadnaught is still Crazy. The unit sizes have stayed the same as well as the wargear options found in the old codex; e.g. Chosen can still get a butt load special weapons.

–Psychic Powers–
As can you expect each Chaos God gives their chosen Sorcerer access to their own set of spells. That allows you to pick from Basic Spells and the new ones for each God. If anyone was wondering Lash of Submission is gone.
Ok now that we got the basics out-of-the-way let us get to the good stuff

A good number of units in the CSM codex have this USR.
CC Oblit
Demon Engines
Demon Prince

–It Will Not Die–
Wonder who was getting this new USR well you guessed it CSM is.
Demon Engines

Demon Possessed–
Demon possessed just got a whole bunch cuter really. Instead of not being able to embark in demon possessed vehicles they now will only eat one of your guys and repair itself. Otherwise works the same way as before lose BS and ignore shaken and stunned, In addition some things get wargear automatically.
Demon Engines

All CSM characters must always accept challenges

–Icons and Marks–
Marks and Icons are both purchasable by most units. That means you have five new Icons and the same four marks, in which units can have a combination of two. This is a list of the USRs and stat bonus possible.
+1 T
+1 Invul Save
Soul Blaze
Furious Charge
+1 I

–Space Marines Better Hide–
Almost all CSM units get Hatred Space Marines. Now I am not sure if this includes all Space Marine variants or just Smurfs and friends.

–?Eye of the Gods Table?–
Yeah this will be the chart to end all charts and competitive players will cry everywhere because it is random. All 60+random abilities! Yes you heard it right over 60! How it works I don’t know, but characters can get multiple rolls on the chart through various methods.
Time for some specific models right? Sure why not!

Oh the Dragon yeah the model on everyone mind. This is a CSM answer to other flyers it is designed almost exclusively to hunt and destroy other flyers. Clocking in about the same points cost of Carnifex these little hell on wings Vector Strike and bring pain to a lot of things. Did I mention it gets to re-roll wounds and armor pens.

–Demon Engines–
The other mystery model that has been leaked. These guys sit on the large bases like Trygons. They have an assortment of special weapons that have never been seen before. They are designed for Building and Heavy armor destruction with Melta CC weapons and bonuses against buildings. They as well get to re-roll wounds and armor pens.  Side note: Defilers as well get to re-roll wounds and armor pen.

–Dragons, Demon Engines, Defilers oh my-
So let me put this in perspective. All these models ignore shaken and stunned, have 5+ invul saves, re-roll wounds and armor pens, and can recover wounds and hull points lost.

–Cult Units–
I know much of the Internet was crying about them only being in the Elite slot when I first mentioned it. How dare they force me to take Kharn to spam Berserkers! Well don’t worry is not as bad as you think. You can also get a generic Lord and buy the correct mark and unlock them as troops as well. As for the rules themselves just minor changes.
Zerkers: Rage, Cheaper
1k Sons: Soul Fire, Same cost
Emperor Children: Weapons Ignore cover and now have Salvo USR, Cheaper
Plague Marines: Poison Weapons, More Expensive

–Typhus and Cultists–
Typhus is now a mastery level 2 sorcerer of Nurgle. In addition as reported earlier he can make any cultist a zombie. Zombies are going to be disgusting in 6th edition. FnP, Fearless, Fear, and all for no additional cost. As for Cultists they are cheap not conscript cheap, but close. You can get over 30 of them in a squad.

–Daemon Princes, Sorcerers , Chaos Lords–
Princes got more expensive wargear bringing them in line with the Demon Codex. Sorcerers are pretty much the same with the ability to buy up to Master level 3, but they only ever have 2 wounds. Chaos Lords are where it seems to be at, Phil Kelly wants you to design a Lord tailored to your army, their list of wargear options is easily the largest of any model in the book. Also remember they allow you to make Cult Units troops.

via Neil Kerr
-Release date – 1st September (7 weeks he said) and it is a hard back like the 8e WFB Army Books.
There is an Eye of the Gods esque table (Warriors of Chaos players will know what I am talking about) that you get to roll on whenever a character kills another character in a challenge, or a Walker or Monstrous Creature. There is a multitude of gifts (and curses) that your Characters can acquire which range from +1 Save, +1 Toughness, or becoming either a Spawn or a Daemon Prince!!!

-Chaos Cultists are definetely in (but we all kinda know that already), as is the ‚Dragon‘ – think Necron Night Scythe with the main chassis been replaced by a massive mechanical dragon head with segmented wings sweeping forward and around from it. On top of those there are also:

-Dark Apostles – evil Chaplains basically 
-Warp Smiths – evil Techmarine that can curse vehicles and degrade terrain. 
-A new Daemon Engine – half way between a Dreadnought and a Defiler. 
-Speaking of Defilers as they are Daemons they have a 5+ Inv save. 
-‚Cult‘ units are all Elites and are unlocked to Troops by appropriate HQ choices, but there are no Cult Terminators which makes me sad. 
-Obliterators are exclusively for shooting – so no powerfists. BUT there is a new unit which is basically a close combat Obliterator. 
-There are 2 types of Raptors now; regular CSM with Jump Packs, and then some kind of Possessed Daemonic Raptors that all come with Lightning Claws! 
-Possessed are meant to be amazing, and take a lot of benefits from the Eye of the Gods esque table. 
-There are NO Daemons in the Codex because that is what Allies are for.

via Grant
Imagine a dragon made of „fire“ and coverd in a platemale armor and you won’t be too far off. That is the best discription I can give.
Some of the concept art shows it mauling a valkyrie mid flight. It is pretty cool.
Chaos units that kill a unit get to roll on a chart for gifts from a chaos lord very similar to the power from pain rule that Phil gave to DE.
Thousand sons are still relentless and still have ap 3 bolters.
The codex is a full color hard cover book.
There are no legion rules
you can do is unlock certain elites as troops with specific special characters. 
Ahriman is a psyker mastery level 4 now. 

The book is called chaos space marines.
There are no legions. theDarkGeneral is wrong
I don’t know if I mentioned it before but the „random terrain“ is officially called „mysterious terrain“

Also the anti psyker stuff in the book is a special rule called „suffer the witch“. Every unit can negate a power on a 6 up but it can be buffed….yeah…can you say GK nerf?
One is called ecstasy…which sounds weird but basically it allows the user to fire his weapon at his strength value. I can’t remember what unit has it though!
Another special rule is called soul blaze
Some usr names in the codex are „strike down“, „blind“, and „un-weilding“. Not sure what they do.
There is a usr called „invisibility“ that seems to have an affect on targeting a the unit and also effects assault.

Plague Marines do have FNP and do not need Typhus for it
Typhus does give FNP to Cultists and they are fearless when upgraded to zombies.
Typhus unlocks plague marines as troopsLucious the Eternals attack profile is based on the WS of his Opponent only in a Challenge

Daemon Forge is an optional to use ability that is only for shooting not CC. It allows to re-roll failed armour pens or to wound roll, but you have to roll a d6, and on a 1, your defilier looses a hull point.

via Bigred on BOLS
Codex author is Phil Kelly 
Chaos Cultists are available in blob squads into the thirties… 
Certain Named Characters grant various USRs and other special rules to Cultists when selected.
-The „flying dragon thingy“ is coming. It is a flyer and one of two entirely new units added to the codex.
-The second new unit is said to be a Chaos answer to the Grey Knight Dreadknight.
-The Chaos Dreadnought is indeed still there (take a breath people), but gets a new name, and a rules overhaul.
-Hardcover book (just like Fantasy army books) 

via Tastytaste 
Sept-Oct Chaos Space Marines
The Chaos Space Marine codex is the only 40k codex for this year. It is not going to be divided into two codexes or anything special. This is not the return 3.5 codex everyone has been wanting this is more a clean up than anything else.
Troops choices will be Chaos Space Marines and Cultist

All Cult Marines are Elites
No new Special Characters
Special Characters will unlock Cult Marines as troops (Kharn for Berserkers and so on)
Typhus makes Cultists into Zombies
Chaos Dreadnaught is removed and replaced with a new unit (like how pariahs were replaced with Lychguard)
CSM now get a Flyer a Mechanical Chaos Dragon (model is done will be part of initial release)

Lesser and Greater Demons are gone
Spawn replaced by “Fell Beast”
Rules for Traitor Guard are in!
Oblit options will be even more expansive with close combat load out available. 

via atraphos
Further rumors – in around 2 months time we should see 6th and the following month the CSM Dex, building on the CSM released in the 6th starter.
A double month of CSM coming up soon.
My source supports the CSM HQ being the stat or force chart changer theory that has been rolling around

via MrSteelfist 
Only a little rumour i picked up at Warhammer World but i’ve heard mention that there will be a Techmarine type character, not sure if this is a SC or just a HQ choice though.

I just recalled being told that there would be a smaller demon engine that operated in a „pack“ but isn’t Brazen Knights. This may bestudio people just throwing some falsehoods out there to mess with us but thought it worth mentioning. 

via BramGaunt
heard Special characters such as Kharn, Ahriman etc unlock unlimited Cult units as Troop choices, but generic HQ choices with a mark allow one appropriate Cult unit as Troops (similar to Ork Warbosses and Nobz). He also said he’d heard Chaos players will need to nominate one HQ selection as the army general, and that one will determine which Cult units become troops. No taking Kharn and Ahriman and getting bothe Berserkers and Rubriks as Troops 

via Stickmonkey
plastic Chaos drop pod could be in the works, but tempered that by saying we probably wouldn’t see it any time soon. Whether the kit is released soon or not, there could be a chance of the rules appearing in the Codex though

via Darnok from February 2012
painted versions of all four Cult Terminators have been sighted, but they could have been conversions. These could have been made with the sprues other rumours have mentioned.

codex is done and almost at the printers