Commentary: Latvia ETC army lists

I continue to comments ETC army lists. This time, comment on army lists of Latvia team, which set of lists does not seem ideal for me. Surely I do not want to be compared with Internet celebrities such as Kirby or Stelek. All opinions which are published in this post are only my personal opinions, they aren’t be absolutly true and any of readers can disagree with me.

Latvia team army lists can be found at:

Grey Knights
Grand Master and Librarian for 400 points. Ugh. Too expensive! That’s ok when you run 2000+ points, but 1750? Ok, they can go with halberds purifiers in Raider as rock unit. But what’s about strike squads? Bigger one can be embarked in storm raven and smaller sits at home objective. Well, Purifiers wilth characters will strike hard, kill one unit and then they get lot of enemy’s shots. Army list is lack of shooting and shooting is what GK does well, but not here.

Chaos Daemons
Ok you trying for something like CSM with dual lash, which will work well if Grinders survives and heralds would be hitting. Ok, you do not have enough points for fill crushers to full strength and for Unholy might for fiends. This Daemons list can win, but not consistently.

Blood Angels
Five man ASM in Land Raider with five man sniper scouts as two scoring units? Ok, Death Company and DC dread, probably deployed via Storm Raven sounds good, and can disrupt opponents strategy, but any low AP or high strength shooting with AP3 or power weapons in combat can kick theirs asses. One TH/SS rock supported by Libby, priest and Chaplain in redeemer is better, but we talk about 785 points spent for this really expensive unit. Due low scoring potential of army I don’t belive for good results.

Ironclad without pod? What and when can do something for his price? If opponent can deal with Land Raiders well, then termies will die quickly. Only close combat scouts with missile launcher and fists as scoring units even you can combat squads to four scoring scouts, It seems to me like some sort of joke.

Dual lash, well, but why only two obliterator’s units? Drop dreadnoughts and get another obliterators. Ok, their durability aren’t good as dreads durability, but I think, they can do better and don’t shoot to own guys as dreads.

Two big units of wolf guard in pods followed by another grey hunters in pod. Becouse WG will probably
arrive via deep strike I don’t understand why there is four with terminator armor and cyclone missiles. Two of them can go with long fangs, but what about another two? List lack long range firepower. Yes, there is two fangs, some cyclones and priest. But wolfs can do it bit better. List isn’t really bad, but not the best.

It seem like balanced Eldar’s list, which I can see on local scene, but with one big exception, so, why Wraithlords? You can get five walkers with dual scatter lasers for their cost. They can wreck some light vehicles and they are great against infantry.

Imperial Guard
Not to much mechanized guard. If infantry platoons doesn’t embark vendetas, then there is 35 foot guardsmens, ok they have three lascannons, but who cares? Vendetas, manticore and hydras are ok, but why basic Leman Russ and no another vendeta or two hydras? IG seems to me under average for that, what they can to do and they can do it better.

In the final the whole package lists is not so horrible as I seemed at first sight. However, neither the lists does not seem strictly good for me and I dare to say that whole pack it decisively are among the worst.

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