Commentary: ETC 2012 Germany army lists

I start with ETC 2012 army lists commentary. At first place I will comment ETC 2011 champions – Team Germany. Surely I do not want to be compared with Internet celebrities such as Kirby. All opinions which are published in this post are only my personal opinions, heavily affected by Czech meta game and they aren’t be absolutly true and any of readers can disagree with me.  So lets go to some commentaries for German guys.

You can download full ETC 2012 Germany army lists in TXT format.

Simon „braindead“ Oerding (captain) – Grey Knights
I personally don’t like it, but I think, that list is good. Three psydreads as standard heavy support, Coteaz and Henchmens for cheap troops and Purifiers for middle range fire support.

Sebastian „The Sailing Lord“ Müller – Space Wolves
I don’t know what is idea of Wolf Guards with Logan and drop pod, but rest of the list is standard Space Wolves list.

Denis „Florida Boy“ Müller – Blood Angels
This list seems to me like BA hybrid list – assault marines combined with some tanks. I see weakness in low body count. I can not imagine playing with this army. I think, it needs very good pairings.

Jan „Veiovis“ Heidrich – Orks
Kannwall list. I think that works fine, but whats about Snikrot Kommandos. Do you plan go Kommanods with Ghazghkull?

Kayu „Fenneq“ Orellana – Space Marines
Looks like mix of everything. I do not see the exact idea of the army. Even master crafted weapons due to Vulcan.

Roland „VIP-User“ Zaglauer – Dark Eldar
Dark Eldar Venom spam with big Helions unit supported by Baron Sathonyx – looks like this combination will be standard at ETC 2012. Not bad, but not perfect.

Jakob „Amasec“ Salzmann – Imperial Guard
Common mechanized army with Vendetas, Mantichores, Hydras and Chimeras with some infantry. Not bad.

Fritz „LTT“ Peters – Necrons
Wraith Wing Necrons supported with Annihilation Barges and Imotekh (standard character for Necrons at ETC 2012) for some night fight and storm support. I think that is perfect for this kind of Necrons list.

Not bad overall package, but I really do not understand mission of Space Marines and Blood Angels. I think it will tough for you guys.

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